Carole A. Malonda

I was lost because I always wanted to be in the medical field. But I thought to myself that this wasn’t probably meant for me. I had to try other things. I applied for a medical representative position but I was not amenable to be relocated in a place where I knew no one so that didn’t work out for me. I also worked as a front desk officer at a hotel where it requires you to stand for long hours in high heels on and still be underpaid. I felt like I had nowhere to go and didn’t know what I wanted in terms of career.


Jennelyn P. Marollano

I am an experienced Finance Officer – working with payroll, bookkeeping, and all of the reporting responsibilities associated with that role. I have also been involved with Human Resources and worked as an Executive Assistant to a head of department in a University. I’ve been involved in Sales and hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management.