Vanessa Jane C. Avenido – Bookkeeper

vanessa-jane-avenido-formal“Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

-Passed the TESDA National Certificate 3 in Visual Graphics Design
-Passed the TESDA National Certificate 3 in bookkeeping
-A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
-Dreams do come true if you work hard for it with teamwork!

I recognise that businesses today need a hardworking and trustworthy employee for them to achieve their future goals for the company. I can easily learn the job and can work effectively in a team. I work hard on every task given to me and I can guarantee that I am a trustworthy employee. I know how to manage time effectively with quality output. I have learned all of that because of my experiences in the different companies I have worked with.

vanessa-jane-avenido-vacationLet us work hand in hand to achieve our dreams together through hard work and teamwork.

I am Vanessa Jane and I love to share my knowledge in the accounting field for the success of the company. With the help of my 6 years’ experience in bookkeeping in different industries, I can apply that knowledge for the prosperity of the company and help them earn more through organised accounting systems.

I am a newbie in the freelancing industry but I believe that through hard work, I can learn the job easily because I am teachable. I am an open-minded person and eager to learn new things because I believe that the best teacher of all is experience. I also love research and data encoding. I love posting random stuff in social media as well.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you so please feel free to contact me.

For a copy of Vanessa’s resume please click here.