Vinson Sermon – CSR/Induction Trainer

vinson-sermon-profileHi I’m Vinson. Most people call me Vin or Vins. Either ways, it doesn’t matter much since to me what is more important is how you connect and influence the people around you.

I’m a family oriented person. I have 4 sisters and a brother. All of them are already married so you can just fill in the blanks. Hahaha.

Sadly, my dad passed away two years ago, so I was left to care for my mum.

As a student I have worked and managed to be an achiever, or at least an above average student. I have been a consistent honour student from elementary to high school. College was a bit challenging though, having taken an accounting course in a University with very high standards. Bragging aside, I still managed to be part of the Dean’s list.

I’ve spent much of my career life in the outsourcing industry. From being a call center agent promoted to transaction monitoring evaluator, to being a telephone banker in one of the world’s biggest banks, assuming a virtual assistant role in a financial planning office to being an induction trainer to assist others in their journey to achieve their career goals.

vinson-sermon-swimmingI’m a loyal employee and always visioned maintaining a long and lasting relationship in any endeavour I get into. I tend to be a workaholic and I am very dedicated and passionate about the things I get myself involved in. I also believed that in everything we do, the two most important things one must possess are commonsense and attentiveness.

After working and thriving in the corporate world I have come to realise that a home base job is best suited for me. The major challenge I’ve always had since school days was traffic and travel time going back and forth to the office since I live in the outskirts of the metro with my widowed mum.

I love the beach and nature in general. I love singing and speaking in front of many people. I value my friend’s opinions but still think critically. I exhaust all efforts to make things work, but when everything is uncertain and confusing, I meditate and pray.

More than the work that we do, more than the money that we earn, I believe that the legacy we leave behind and the impact we create towards our family and friends and every single person we encounter is what really matters at the end of the day.

For a copy of Vinson’s resume please click here.