Aiza Jane Bacor – Customer Service and Administration

aiza-jane-bacor-profileMy Name is Aiza Jane Bacor, called by my friends as Ice. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial and Management Accounting.

I lost my mother when I was in college and that forced me to become a working student to sustain my daily needs. I persevered to finish my studies despite the challenges. Since then, I learned that nothing is impossible with determination and a positive attitude.

I have 2 years of experience working as a part-time admin assistant. I managed files and reports relating to inventory and maintained accounting records by making copies and filing documents.

I was also an accounting clerk for two years. My responsibility was assisting both clerical and administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, research, and payroll. We used MYOB as our accounting software to manage inventory and receivables from customers.

I also have 8 years of experience working in the call center industry. I’ve worked with accounts ranging from educational loans, cable, credit cards, and auto loans. Three years as an inbound agent providing customer service and technical support. Five years doing outbound calls for a collection account for credit card and auto loan. Working in a call center improved my ability to multitask and work fast in finding a solution to our customer’s problems. It also enhances my communication skills.

During my free time, I love watching movies, listening to music, and traveling with family and friends. These help to maintain my work and life balance and relax my mind and body. Relaxing the body and mind eases stress and makes me more motivated.

I want to work with experienced people that offer me the opportunity to take on interesting tasks, whom I can learn from, and also develop my overall skills. I’m aware that I still need to learn a lot of skills, I can guarantee that I am willing to be trained and a fast learner.

aiza-jane-bacor-outdoorsI am looking forward to developing a career while working from home. I decided to change from an office setting to work from home to use all my available time to focus on the job. I appreciate the flexibility that allows me to be productive without the need to leave early from home to avoid traffic jams.

I am open to changes and easily adapt to different circumstances with a positive result. I am a detail-oriented person. I can work well under pressure. I’m also good at time management.

Looking forward to working with you and being part of the team.
Thank you.

For a copy of Aiza’s resume please click here.