Analiza O. Diego – Customer Service Specialist

analiza-diego-vaI’m blessed to have a happy and complete family – together with my mum and dad and two older brothers. I’m the youngest and the only girl in the family. At first, having thought of being the youngest member sometimes leads me to think of someone who is spoiled and has less responsibilities. But, that was the exact opposite for me! Right after I graduated from College – and even prior to that in my Secondary days – I was already helping my family in terms of providing food on the table by being a part-time tutor with Children around 5-6 years of age throughout the neighbourhood. I felt like I was the bread winner in the family because they were all counting on me.

It wasn’t easy for me to look for a job that suits my skills. So, then I thought to myself to work hard and strive for even better. Way back in 2012, I underwent some trainings to better my communication skills and technical skills and fortunately I was hired to work with big companies like Teleperformance and VXI Global Holdings. Working with these two companies for almost 5 and a half years enhanced my talents – a lot! I can proudly say that I was a top agent for almost 2 and a half years and received multiple awards. Tardiness is not in my vocabulary as I have been receiving separate awards for my perfect attendance. I became a CSR/Technical support person for both inbound and outbound calls. We also do emails and chat. I handled multiple accounts such as COMCAST, UBER and VANTIV WORLDPAY.

analiza-diego-vaWorking in the BPO industry at the same time has helped me a lot, especially in financial aspects. I was able to provide food, pay bills and even buy a house and lot. I was slowly achieving all my dreams and desires in life. I made a lot of friends – but I don’t see them as friends, because I treat them as my family. It has always been a great privilege to me for meet awesome people like them. We laugh, we eat and we work together for the better of everyone.

But, as I was reaching my goals in life, challenges came along… things that I did not expect and some events that took me by surprise. I also discovered that people constantly change. I have witnessed a lot leaders who are self-centered, who only know how to speak but don’t actually have passion or compassion for others. I believe in order for a company to grow and for an account to prosper there must be a work-life balance between the boss and the employee – and it should be transparent and always involve proper communication.

I, myself don’t like working in a toxic environment and having a Leader without passion who doesn’t value agents. It simply isn’t a good thing to have when running a business. So, I decided to work from home as it gives the freelancer opportunities and opens doors for success. Being a freelancer is a dream job for me.

But, life has taught me a lot of lessons already. Good thing, I’ve had God with me since the beginning. It’s true that I worked hard and strive for greater outcomes, but without God who helped me and molded me to what I am right now, I wouldn’t be able to get and enjoy everything I have in my life.

I am Analiza Diego and when I work I give my 110% dedication. I have a great passion towards my work and my COMMITMENT is what I am proud of.

All the best – and hope to meet you soon. 🙂

For a copy of Analiza’s resume please click here.