Anna Karina P. Salutan – Management and Administration

Anna Karina Salutan PortraitHi, you can call me Anna. 🙂

Writing about myself is a little difficult for me because I’m the type of person who values their privacy. I’m not the type of person who talks a lot about herself. I prefer that people around me get to know me better as we get along together. I’m a quiet type who observes first and adjusts myself based on the personality of the person I’m with, but will also not compromise my whole being. I think this ability makes me versatile because each person has their own beliefs, culture and personality. In this way I can show my respect towards them and lessen the probability of conflict.

My story is not so special because I consider myself blessed in spite of all the challenges life presented.

I was born an only child of a broken family. My father and mother separated before I was born and I grew up with my mother. My father didn’t provide for us financially and that is why all the burden in raising me was put on my mum’s shoulders. Because of her hard work and everything she’s done for me I was able to complete my studies.

Anna Karina Salutan VacationDuring the time my mum was working, I grew up with different people around me who helped her in raising me… from having a nanny to my grandparents and aunties. Because she was not always around, she taught me to be more responsible, like keeping my room tidy and preparing my own food if I’m hungry. She also trained me how to manage my time and money. Yes, she would give my whole week’s allowance for me to learn how to budget it. Little by little, she taught me how to be independent, responsible and diligent.

I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Development Communication. I’ve been working for 9 years in a variety of jobs, focusing on Sales and Management, Administrative, General Management, Project Administrator and Teaching. During those years being active in the corporate world I learned that hard work and perseverance is the key to success.

Today, I am a full time mother who manages our household. After 3 dedicated years to my family, I decided to get back to work to somehow help my husband with our daily expenses and also to have my own self fulfillment. I decided to choose to be a Virtual Assistant because I can work at home and still have time for my family. I believe that the key to happiness is balance. You can’t have more and you can’t have too little.

I love to learn and I hope that being a Virtual Assistant, I will gain more knowledge and also I will contribute my skills to my future clients to make their life easier.

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