Antonio Balagosa Jimenez – CSR and Team Leader

antonio-jimenez-officeAs a child, I always wanted to become either a priest or a lawyer. I entered the seminary for 5 years but eventually left when I fell in love. What else could I do? I was just a lover and I won’t deny myself for it. So then I proceeded to the college of law, graduated – but never made it to the bar examinations. These experiences taught me the invaluable lessons of acceptance and letting go. I had to look for other options in where I could excel and be the best of what I could be.

I have been in the BPO industry for over 10 years. I started as an agent and found my way to be on the top of my craft. I was promoted as a Subject Matter Expert, as a QA Specialist, and then as a Team Leader.

I supported billing and technical support for telephone, cable and internet companies, chat support for a transportation application and dating website, financial advisor for a bank, performed outbound services for medical insurance, home improvement, debt settlement, merchant loans, vacation packages, solar and renewable energy, etc. With these experiences, I developed a culture driven by respect, commitment, and passion in the roles that were given to me.

I want to work at home so I can be more productive and spend more time focusing on my job, rather than preparing for antonio-jimenez-ridingwork and commuting to and from the office which consumes more than two hours each day. By working from home, I hit the ground running sooner and get more done in less time. Plus, there are no delays due to traffic or weather conditions, so I can work consistently regardless of the external factors.

Though I value my professional relationships, I do my best work when I’m alone in my home office. I have more control over my environment and can actively prevent distractions and stay focused on my tasks. Working from home will highlight how I value integrity, independence, and accountability. I would like to bring these attributes to the table.

I can plan, strategise, and prioritise. I also anticipate the challenges and opportunities that deserve my attention. At the end of the day no matter how you slice it, we are doing business. Regardless of my task, I must deliver what is expected from me. All I need to do is to be the best of myself and prove that I can do it. I strongly believe that I can do the job simply because I CAN DO IT!

With a high regard for QUALITY let us further promote our expertise.

For a copy of Antonio’s resume please click here.