Arlo Dean Villasin – Customer Service

arlo-dean-villasin-profileHi my name is Arlo Dean M. Villasin and you can call me Dean. I’m 24 years old.

I studied psychology when I was in college. What made me choose psychology is my love of people. I love interacting and talking to people and I figured that it would be a great idea to study how the human mind works and use the knowledge I gained to help people.

I have over 2 years experience as a Customer Service Representative.

I got into the business process outsourcing industry because a friend of mine wanted me to apply so we could work together. I applied and was hired by my first ever employer, ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO. They assigned me to work under eBay’s selling department and I was tasked with answering seller inquiries about how to sell on eBay, helping sellers make sense of their invoices and processing refund requests if applicable. After working for ePerformax under eBay, I was hired by Convergys and was assigned to work for Intuit as a Technical Support Representative for Quickbooks. My responsibilities were fixing customer’s Quickbooks software and upselling necessary upgrades for people who still have really old versions of the software.

What was next for me was working in World Remit as a Customer Service Executive. I assisted customers with their money transfers for a few months. Eventually, I was promoted as a Level 3 Customer Service Executive to handle tasks such as Transaction Monitoring to determine if a money transfer is fraudulent or a scam.

Time came when I wanted to work from home for reasons such as reduction in transportation or food consumption costs and to spend more time with family at home, so I quit my office job and started to work from home. I applied and was hired by Native Camp to be an online ESL teacher.

My experiences have made me an expert in call handling, email/chat support, data entry, etc. My typing speed is 50 to 55 WPM and I have the ability to work under pressure.

I enjoy working out, researching things that are interesting to me (such as the occult, aliens/UFO conspiracy theories and slowing the aging process of the arlo-dean-villasin-outdoorsbody), reading books and watching movies/TV shows in my free time.

I am a confident person. I often use my drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever end I’ve set for myself.

I am proficient in my communication skills and adept at chat/email support work and much more.

And that is my story. 🙂

For a copy of Arlo’s resume please click here.