Bernadette Salvani – Customer Service Representative

Bernadette-Salvani-vaMy name is Bernadette Salvani. A simple tour of my life: I am the youngest among 7 siblings. I am the one who takes care of my mom and at the same time, a single parent for my 13-year-old daughter.

I was a scholar back in college and with the support of the SK Federation and being an SK Kagawad at our barangay, I was able to finish college with their financial support, and with God’s grace and determination, I made it. I am now a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Home Economics and Livelihood Education, a licensure board passer but was not able to pursue my career since my father that time said since I am a graduate and I need to help with our finances. I attempted to apply for a teaching position but because I had nothing to process my paperwork at the time, I started applying for a call center job, and luckily, I passed.

I got attached with the work and have experience working with different accounts:

  • TELCO – we handle customer service / technical support (bills and troubleshooting jobs)
  • Financial – we handle credit card transaction and was given a chance to be a tier 2 escalation agent, a trainer, and a supervisor in this field
  • Booking Services – we help customers in setting up flight, car, and hotel reservations and cancellations
  • Lead Generation looking for prospects in the medical area generating 5000 leads
  • Charity Donation – we gather donors info, set up a schedule for pick up appointments, and do follow up task

Bernadette-Salvani-vaAs you can see with the fields I have worked with, I have handled different types of concerns in different fields.

I am happy to transition myself to a new field that I know I will be a valuable individual in this kind of work, my experience in each field can be my backup when I face a new role. I am looking forward to learning more. I am sure I can be able to manage with minimal supervision.

“Take small steps each day. You might not get there today but you’ll be closer than yesterday.”

I am looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with this company.

For a copy of Bernadette’s resume please click here.