Carla Mae Pontillas – CSR and Sales Specialist

Carla Mae Pontillas FormalHello Everyone!

My name is Carla and I’m the second child among six children. I was born and raised in Zamboanga City, Philippines where I had a wonderful childhood experience. Back then when I was still growing up until 12 years old, I can say that my family had a good life. My dad was in the Navy and was always away from us – but he had provided everything that we needed. My mum was a hospital employee. With my parents both working, we had all the things we wanted.
When my dad retired from the service, our life suddenly changed. I was sent to Manila because my aunt took care of my studies in middle school. Being away from my immediate family, I had to learn to be independent and to be strong. It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t used to that kind of life but soon I realised that it was for my own good.

I went back home when I got to University and luckily I was granted an academic scholarship. I took up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Major in English. I also got into a volleyball varsity team and I was the libero of the team. I had three ecstatic years in that school until my parents told me that I needed to shift to a different course in college. They wanted me to change to Nursing so I shifted and finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

carla-pontillas-with-petI had a band while I was in college and we played together for five years. I was a vocalist and I play the guitar sometimes. We started joining band competitions and won the Battle of the Bands 2006. It was an ecstatic experience as I learned to understand people from different walks of life, earned a living, honed this God-given talent, and improved my communication skills.

I would say that the jobs I landed were far from the course that I finished because I really didn’t want to be a nurse. I have 5 year experience in the BPO industry and 2 year experience in Sales. Working in a BPO helped me a lot in building good customer relationships that resulted in customer satisfaction. I worked for a famous US online retail store, Australia’s leading Telco and an American company that makes point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, and business consumables.

In my 7 years of working experience in the BPO and corporate world, I have always challenged myself to do my best, to always put my heart into everything that I do, and to make sure I have something to put down on the table to eat.

I thought that I was going to live the life of working in an office forever but change came. I realised that success can’t be found even if you have the highest paying job. I have been away from my family for a long time thus I never got to spend much time with them. At that moment I thought I am still single and I only lived for myself. So I quit my job. I decided to work from home because this is the only way I know how. I currently work as a part time English online teacher and it gives me fulfillment to impart what I know. I get to attend every family occasion now, I get to take care of my dad, my younger sister and her daughter.
Success happens when you make it happen.

I know I am still a work in progress and I will continue to progress. I know better doors will open for self-improvement and success. It would be my pleasure to be at your service, anytime.

For a copy of Carla’s resume please click here.