Elieza Jean Plaza – Social Media, Customer Service

elieza-jean-plaza-partyI am Elieza, you can call me Elly as my nickname. I am a ‘province girl’ who pursued her studies in the City through scholarship. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. Here in the Philippines, there’s a sweeping generalisation that when you graduate in a particular course, expectantly, you’ll land a job that is related to your degree. But that is not my case. Due to the limited jobs available in the media industry and the competition, it’s hard to find a job – and even if you land a job, you’ll only get a minimum wage. I mean, it’s not bad for a beginner but as the eldest daughter and a breadwinner in the family, I needed to find a stable job with an average salary so that I can sustain my needs while I live in a rented boarding house (since college) and to help my family as well. One of our Filipino’s character traits is to help the family when you have a job. It’s our motto: “Never forget where you came from, it’s what made you the person you are today”. It’s not really compulsory, but it’s your willingness to help them especially if you come from a big family with 7 siblings.

The in-demand job with a competitive salary in the Philippines is in the BPO Industry. I landed my first job as an office-based virtual assistant. I am glad that I was able to apply my college background in communication and writing as well. I’ve undergone training and all the things that I need to learn as a VA.

elieza-jean-plaza-vaAs a fresher, it was not easy to absorb everything. I needed to balance my time, familiarise myself with the tools, build trust with my client, and it takes a lot of patience when it comes to the customer because sometimes providing good customer service is not enough; you need to extend your compassion and patience due to some rude customer. Good thing, I am passionate about my work that I always make sure I produce good quality results and get good feedback from my clients and employers. The experience I had molded and equipped me to face the competitive BPO Industry.

I always believed that if you pour your mind and heart into it, you’ll be able to do it. That’s my motto in life, even way back when I was still studying and now as a career woman. Here I am now pursuing my career as a virtual assistant in the comfort of my home and I would love to be a part of your team if given the opportunity. Thank you.

For a copy of Elieza’s resume please click here.