Frederick Pizarro – Management Accounting and E-commerce Business Specialist

frederick-pizarro-vaHi there. My name is Frederick Henri Pizarro. My friends call me by my nickname Erick.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting from the University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines.

I am an adventurous person who loves travelling, mountaineering, music and I’m also a nature lover.

Growing up as the youngest member of the family with three siblings, my parents have always taught me to be a self-sufficient person. When I was about to start my first year in college, my parents suffered financial constraints. As you know, life here in the Philippines is not as easy as it could be – sometimes it can be tough. But I’ve always been taught to stand on my own feet and to fight the adversities of life with a positive outlook. So that’s when I started to step up and applied for a scholarship to the University of San Carlos. Even though the process was not a walk in the park, I got lucky. I was called by the Finance Division office and was accepted to work as an accounting clerk for four hours a day, six days a week. By working and studying at the same time, I was able to finish my studies free from any tuition fees.

My parents were really proud back then as I was the youngest member of the family who was able to finish my studies well without relying on them. Plus I gained work experiences even before I finished my studies.

frederick-pizarro-vaBecause of my working experiences and dedication, while I was still in Finance Division, my former boss recommended me to her friend who happened to be a C.E.O. and part owner of the first company that I ended up working for. Thankfully, my former boss saw my background records at work and that opened up the opportunity for me to be accepted as an Accounts Payable support person for a BP-IT firm.

Working in a company takes a lot of effort, and sacrifices need to be made to stay for long periods. At first, I thought that I am not going to last long in my first job. But my father has always taught me to be adaptable and to always seek to learn new skills and knowledge in different departments of an organisation.

Because of this guiding principle, I was able to work and remain with the company for seven years. I know, it’s quite a long time in just one company. Through that time I was assigned different job positions – starting from Administrative staff, Accounting Staff, then next to Junior Global Support Analyst, Senior Global Support Analyst and Client Services Analyst. I was really lucky that I became a well-rounded person because I believe that for you to become a good asset in the company, one must become adaptable and always be hungry to learn and grow. There are no ripe fruit in an organisation, for skills and attitude growth is always a continuous process and learning development in every human being.

Even though I was dedicated at work, I never forget to take care of the other aspects of life – especially taking time to spend it with my family and friends. My work was located in Cebu and every year I traveled to Davao to spend the holiday seasons with my loved ones. As time progressed, I was involved in Church activities including being part of a medical mission in Cebu. There, I found my purpose in life and that is to serve our fellow man wholeheartedly and to serve God.

Now that I am here in Davao, I have been active into fitness and sports. Badminton, swimming and trekking have been my sporting focus as of late. In addition, travelling has become a passion as I have always been drawn to nature and just by seeing the sunrise and watching the sunset makes my heart so happy and peaceful. I am a simple person and I enjoy the simple things in life. In addition to that, I am also working in a Virtual Assistant-staffing firm as a Price Controller for an e-commerce and retail store in New York.

If you’re looking for a good team player, a well-rounded and adaptable virtual assistant – whether in Professional Services, e-Commerce or in Accounting and Finance – I hope you will consider me as your new Team Member and Asset.

For a copy of Frederick’s resume please click here.