Godofredo K. Olsen – Customer Service Specialist

godofredo-olsen-in-the-officeHi, I am Godofredo Olsen, a God fearing person, who is married with three beautiful daughters.

I have experience in a Business Process Outsource (B.P.O.) for almost three years as a Technical Support Representative.

I have learned so much about this industry including how to handle calls. I have experience with irate callers, passive callers and learned how to respond to them appropriately and resolve their concern(s) as accurately as possible.

I have also learned the different types of trouble shooting steps to fix the customers concern over the phone in the easiest way possible, so the customer can remember the steps that I provide. Sometimes, the device itself is the issue and we are unable to fix it over the phone so it needs to be fixed by an electronic repair shop.

Indeed, taking calls for such a long time gives you an idea on how to deliver an excellent customer service experience even before you know what they need.

Handling calls was not as easy as I expected it to be. You need to have good quality calls and you also need to have less handling time of the call. But having team godofredo-olsen-by-the-poolmates and leaders who are always there to guide and support me made my calls easier and shorter.

Since I lived in the metro, I always encountered the heavy traffic. Everyday, I left my house two hours prior to my shift, and sometimes more than three hours before my schedule. It was very tiring when you waiting for a ride and always end up having to races just to be able to hop into a bus or a jeepney. By the time that I reached my work destination, I was exhausted already and my working day hadn’t even started. Yet I persevered through out the day to finish my tasks and have an income for my family.

One day, I learned that there’s an opportunity to work at home by having the correct computer specs, good internet connection and correct skills to become a Virtual Assistant (V.A.). That’s the time when I decided to check it out over the internet about this role and how it works, for I needed a job that will enable me to look after my kids back home while working. I mentioned this to my wife that this is our chance to have time with our kids and with each other while earning. We both agreed to look for a home base job so that we will be able to avoid the everyday traffic too and make the day more productive.

We are looking forward to securing VA jobs to support our family and also gain experience to help our future client(s).

Once I have an opportunity with this kind of work, I will ensure I help my client(s) meet their goals.

I am a goal oriented person that has experience with technical support for and Australian Telco (telephone company), Samsung TV support, basic voice over internet protocol (V.O.I.P) and basic home phone.

Here are the lists of my expertise:

  • Modify a home modem router and its WiFi settings
  • Email management
  • Accurate Data entry
  • Excellent customer service
  • Basic Microsoft Outlook support
  • Remote access
  • Mapping
  • Active directory password reset
  • Chat support

I also have experience on an I.T. service desk where I supported the company’s’ users, including network management, virtual private network (V.P.N.) connectivity, device management and users access using the Active Directory of Microsoft Corporation.

For a copy of Godofredo’s resume please click here.