Joner P. Marte – CSR and Marketing Specialist

Joner marte virtual assistantHi! I’m Joner and this is my story.

I came from a not so well off family, but my parents made sure that we got everything we needed. I have four other siblings and all of them are girls. My parents taught us how to be grateful with everything that we have, and to be hardworking and patient in achieving our dreams and goals in life.

I started working at the age of 20 as a part-time employee in a BPO company. As I was growing up, I realised that life is no longer the same as it was before. God has given me the ability to acquire wealth so I have to make use of that to be helpful and purposeful. My first two years of employment taught me a lot of professional skills as well as life lessons.

I learned to be more grateful and to value every single thing that I have. It’s never easy to earn money but it gives us that sense of responsibility and fulfillment knowing that all your hard work and sacrifices are not wasted, but instead being rewarded.

My life became even more challenging yet fulfilling the moment I decided to marry my wife. I know that this decision was never easy because it means that I have entered into this journey with more responsibilities and duties that I have to meet… but I also believe that when we persevere and work hard, everything that we desire and dream of will be achieved together with the help and guidance of the Almighty God.

My wife is currently conceiving our first baby and it makes me more motivated and excited to work hard and earn more so that I can provide and secure a bright future for my family.

I believe I will be a great addition to your company and I hope you will consider me to be working with you and for you.

Cheers to more years of success!

Best regards,
Joner Marte

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