Kristene Marize Ireneo Silvero – Human Resources

kristene-marize-silvero-profileEveryone is unique, but my uniqueness is beautiful.

I am Tin, Filipino millennial who is passionate in everything I do. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science Psychology with three scholarship programs to maintain. During my university days, I was looking forward to having a part time job, but my scholarships forbid me to do so, what a blessing I had! 🙂

After university, I was employed immediately as a Human Resource Officer, basically handling all facets of the department. It was quite challenging as I didn’t have much experience, yet I was able to strive and grow from it. My critical thinking, analysing and decision making skills were stretched and developed. Dealing with all kinds of people in this organisation, from rank and file, to management to board of directors, including local celebrities as my boss, third parties such as suppliers, government employees that deal with Human Resource, and even Labour Relations (just to name a few) was indeed a humbling experience for me. These things prepared me for a bigger responsibility, so I see it as a blessing.

I was also given the opportunity to be able to lead the team in events. We catered for birthdays, Christenings, celebrity and local bazaars. This task includes but was not limited to, budgeting, planning, organising and executing. Logistics is where the challenges came in, and I love working on this! Making sure of the safety and health of my team was my utmost priority. Making people happy during the events is what made me satisfied, that was only the time when I said to our team, “Great job!”

kristene-marize-silvero-vacationAt my age of 28, I am now looking for something challenging that will add flavour to my current career. Given that I have extra time, I can help people online by doing some tasks to allow them to explore some more options and save their time. I enjoy doing things by using one’s creativity and passion. If these two add up, excellent output will result. In my not so busy days, I write random stuff and post it on my website. Even though it is really personal – that it is deeply rooted in my heart, I am very happy to share it with my family and close friends who can give feedback about it, whether it is negative or positive.

Technically speaking, I am familiar with using Microsoft Office Suite, Dropbox, Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, to name a few. I love exploring, studying and experiencing programs that I am new to.

Aside from my current job and my hobby of writing – cooking, travelling, reading, listening to music and watching movies are my favourite things to do.

For a copy of Kristene’s resume please click here.