Mary Antoinette Figueroa

Mary Figueroa - Administrative Assistant Good Day! I’m Mary Antoinette Figueroa, 48 years of age, married and have 3 kids. Currently waiting for the cruise line up. I had been working as a Senior Assistant Purser with Princess Cruises for almost 19 yrs. My husband is a seafarer too , Production Manager and is onboard at the moment. Our [...]


Mary Angelique Basadre

Mary Basadre - Administrative Assistant, Logistics Hello, I am Mary Angelique Basadre. I am single and an online seller. I took up Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. I am a National Service Passer. My first job was a Medical Representative for a Pharmaceutical Company. I was assigned to the remote areas [...]


Bonifacio Francisco

Bonifacio Francisco - Administrative Assistant Hi, my name is Boni, and here’s my short story. I finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting in March of 1984. It took me for a couple of years to find a job but, I was eventually hired as a logistic staff member for a small private marketing [...]


Kristene Marize Ireneo Silvero

I am Tin, Filipino millennial who is passionate in everything I do. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science Psychology with three scholarship programs to maintain. During my university days, I was looking forward to having a part time job, but my scholarships forbid me to do so, what a blessing I had! 🙂 After university, I was employed immediately as a Human Resource Officer, basically handling all facets of the department. It was quite challenging as I didn’t have much experience, yet I was able to strive and grow from it. My critical thinking, analysing and decision making skills were stretched and developed. Dealing with all kinds of people in this organisation, from rank and file, to management to board of directors, including local celebrities as my boss, third parties such as suppliers, government employees that deal with Human Resource, and even Labour Relations (just to name a few) was indeed a humbling experience for me. These things prepared me for a bigger responsibility, so I see it as a blessing.