Chloe Choo – Administrative Assistant

yean-peng-choo-profileHi, I’m Chloe. I’m proud to be a Malaysian Chinese, as being born in a multiracial country, I am proficient in multi languages namely Chinese, Cantonese, English and Malay – with Malay being the national language, English being a compulsory subject since primary or elementary school and Chinese and Cantonese being my mother tongue!

I grew up in a family where traditional Chinese gender inequality exists. Hence, I’ve learnt to be independent since I was young. And I’ve learnt that “Laziness is a luxurious mindset that I cannot afford to own” by Nakia R. Laushaul and “Today’s tears water tomorrow’s gardens” by Matshona Dhliwayo. I work hard and I love to learn.

Due to family and financial issues, I did not manage to further my studies to college or university, so I started working right after I graduated from my pre-university programme. From my first official job as an Admin Clerk, I was promoted just a few months later to Admin cum Logistic Assistant dealing with local freight forwarders and shipping liners. Around a year later, I started taking part-time courses in Business Accounting and I was fortunate enough to find an accounting job as an Account Assistant despite having zero knowledge in accounting. In just 2 years, I was promoted twice to Senior Account Assistant and Account Executive handling full set accounts, preparing various accounting reports for different companies, as well as dealing with auditors.

I started working as a Virtual Assistant because I love the flexibility and I get to work for different clients, learning new things.

My past employers, colleagues and clients describe me as hardworking, independent, reliable, responsible, detail-oriented and a fast learner.

I love travelling, watching movies and photography. I love nature, beaches, mountains, greenery and animals. I can sit down for a whole day by the beach doing nothing, just day dreaming while listening to the waves to relax myself.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

For a copy of Yean’s resume please click here.