Leonard Ablao – Customer Service Representative

Leonard-Jay-Ablao-vaHi, I’m Leonard Jay Ablao, you can call me Leonard.

I am a college undergraduate of three courses which are AB Math, Diploma on Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The main reason why I did not finish or pursue my study because I was hoping to search for a school that offers good athlete scholarship programs that can support my athletic career, until the day my girlfriend came into my life and got pregnant. I became a dad at the age 24. Being a parent pushed me to be more active and vigilant on any open vacancy in any field of work

Here in the Philippines, it is hard to apply for any field of work when you are a college undergraduate. The first thing that came to my mind is to apply as a credit collector where I was promoted to a field supervisor in a short span of time. Due to hold up and unwanted crimes, it pushed me to resign just for my safety. After a few months, a BPO company invited me to be part of their team because of my athleticism and computer skills. I was hired as a technical agent. After a year, I was promoted to be a Team Leader/ Supervisor for 3 years handling technical, products and sales, billing, chat and email support.

Leonard-Jay-Ablao-vaBeing a Team Leader molded me to become a better person, goal-catcher, dreamer, and believer. It helped me excel on what I have now and never depend on what you are right now because there other obstacles that I might tackle will be more challenging than what am I facing. Being a Team Leader helped me a lot in my English communication skills because I needed to face the Operations Manager for any problem such as adherence and team scorecards, needed to face the client for further tools and product training that can help me gain more skills and knowledge how thee algorithm works on this industry.

Now, I took a leap to a different environment for me to tackle on and make a gamble to the online world. My dream is to become a Virtual Assistant and it would be my great pleasure to be able to work as one. I know becoming a Virtual Assistant is one hell of a ride to achieve, but once you are an achiever, no one can stop you from achieving it.

It is important that I maintain being reliable, trustworthy, competitive, and goal-driven. I also believe in the saying “Never Downgrade your Dream to match your reality and upgrade your Conviction to match your destiny.”

For a copy of Leonard’s resume please click here.