John Cabayu – Administrative Assistant, Junior Site Manager

john-cabayu-vaHi! My name is John Kelvin. It’s nice to meet you!

My friends call me John or JK. I was born and raised in a small urban town located on the island of Luzon. I started going to school when I was four years old and I finished a degree in Business Administration. I reflect a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of gentleness and thoughtfulness. I belong with the generation of millennials and I believe the quote comes from our Saint Thomas Aquinas:


There are a lot of things I like. When I have free time, I love to play basketball and mobile games and listen to music. I also love spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. I like going to the beach, traveling, and exploring different places and cultures. I am the one who has a big dream. Always trying, to reach big achievements.

In April 2016, I finished my studies and searched for a job. But unfortunately, I had a hard time landing a job after I graduated. I was jobless for three months at that time and had no idea how to get started.

john-cabayu-vaThe first week of July 2016, I submitted my resume to Honda Motors Sports, Inc., and immediately got hired as a Disbursement Staff in Accounting Dept. After a year working with this company, I talked to my friend, Van. He’s one of my closest friends saying that he would recommend me to their company for the development of my career and better opportunity. I was just lucky to get hired again as an Accounts Payable Analyst for one year and five months. And now, I am currently working in RJMC Engineering and my role is something like a Timekeeper, but my Superior gave me the position as a Junior Site Manager.

My work experience has molded me to be adaptable and to be willing to continually improve on myself so that I can provide effective and efficient solutions to make the business run smoother and easier. It has also made me more resourceful and helped me to have the ability to remain calm in a crisis and able to work under pressure.

I believe that the advantage of remote working is extra family time, extra savings, and better work with life balance. Giving this opportunity to those who want to grow professionally and develop their skills in the comfort of their home while providing excellent and satisfying results to their client.

For a copy of John’s resume please click here.