Mariel Uba – Customer Service Representative

Mariel-Uba-vaHi there! I’m Mariel V. Uba, but you can call me Yel.

I completed my Bachelor in Elementary Education degree Major in Content Education last 2014 and graduated as Cum Laude. Believing that learning is a continuous and life-long pursuit for growth, I have decided to start taking my graduate studies with a major in Educational Management.

I taught in a private school here in Cebu for two years and bagged an award as “Rookie Teacher of the Year” during my first year and was elected as the Faculty President during my second year. I spent the rest of my years working as a Customer Service Professional in a BPO company and managed to receive recognitions such as “Top Performing Agent”, “Top 3 Verification Specialist”, “Excellence in Quality” and “Top Trainee”. With these awards, rest assured that I can offer quality service in my job.

Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with any department at an organization. I have developed the ability to work within a team and independently. I work well under pressure and can easily be trained in new skills needed to get the work done. I always go above and beyond to make sure I provide the best that I can offer. Despite being serious in my job, I like to insert some old good humor to ease the situation. I am always considered the “clown” in the group as I always make sure that everyone has fun while working. I am a strong believer that people work better when they are having fun.

Mariel-Uba-vaJust recently, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. It was a tough experience but when I saw my baby, all the pain and challenges seemed to become just a nightmare. With the coming of my baby girl, my motivation to stay at home soared to the roof as I want to personally witness her growth while being able to support her needs as well.

Off the job, I spend my days watching movies and listening to music- that was before the coming of my baby, now, I spend all my free time with her.

Life hasn’t been easy and I don’t think it will be, challenges will always find their way to test us, but my guards are always up. My family has always been my inspiration to work. Whatever I do, I do it for them. As the saying goes, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

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