Rizza Arendaeng – Executive Assistant

Rizza-Arendaeng-vaHello! My name is Rizza Arendaeng, and I’ve been working as a Professional Virtual Assistant for the past two years. I’m a single mom to a sweet little boy named Lucas.

Being a single mother is difficult, and it’s easy to feel as if you’re fighting alone, it’s the hardest part of it, but I know it’s made me a better person. Every single mother has the potential to move from surviving to thriving. It will not always be easy; in fact, it will be difficult, frustrating, and overwhelming at times. But I keep telling myself, “I can do it.” I know I’m not alone; I have parents, relatives, and friends who are always willing to assist me and lend a hand on this journey. It strengthens me as a mother while also allowing me to be a father to my child emotionally and, most importantly, physically.

As Amy Atherton says:

“Be brave. Let go. Trust the process. Allow the universe to reveal its beautiful plan.”

I am aware that maybe my progress is slow, but more importantly, I am moving forward with a goal in mind: to provide a better future for my son. In this life, I have always had trust and faith.

Rizza-Arendaeng-vaThroughout my Virtual Assistant career, I worked with a variety of clients. What I always keep in mind is that whenever I work with a client, I make certain that I provide the best service possible. I am a Virtual Assistant passionately working with business owners and professionals by helping manage their business tasks and expand their online presence across different social media platforms.

As a virtual assistant, I have a lot of variety and freedom in the tasks I help my customers with. I am confident in my capacity to achieve everything I set my mind to. Because I enjoy what I do, I work swiftly and confidently.

My primary skills, based on my knowledge and expertise, are social media management, website administration, and administrative-related jobs.

“JILL OF ALL TRADES” is how I describe myself.

I am keen on learning new things and have a strong desire for my personal and career advancement. I always give myself the chance to upskill and learn additional skills every time.

As Albert Einstein said,

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.”

For a copy of Rizza’s resume please click here.