Marijoy Ong Rosales – Customer Service Specialist

marijoy-rosales-profileWhat’s in a name?


* Derived from my real name Marijoy which means “merry” or “joy”
* Named after the valedictorian in my sister’s graduating class
* Pronounced as “joey”, a baby kangaroo; a modern unisex name

My name would mostly sum up the kind of character you could expect from me which is a mix of fun-loving, smart, modern, adventurous and flexible. I love the fact that life isn’t perfect and that challenges are there to make you progress as a being. I have a realistic perception towards life which makes me grounded and practical.

I started my career a month before graduation. After finishing our final exams, my friends and I decided to apply in one of the leading and pioneering BPO companies in our country. Fortunately, I was one of the few candidates who were selected. This gave me confidence as I have proven to stand out amongst my peers.

I continued my BPO career in the Philippines by moving through designations in Telesales, Customer Service, Quality Control, Data Entry, E-mail Support and Sales. I also had the opportunity to become a Team leader during this period.

However, as a hungry young professional, I yearned to strive for more experience and fulfill my lifelong dream for my family to have a home. I decided to work abroad and I successfully landed a job as a Customer Service Associate for the Government of Dubai. The work environment there was different, you need to be resilient and flexible as they will assign you tasks beyond your role for as long as you can prove your competence. I did not mind this because it challenges me to prove my capabilities and it is also for my personal growth. I was loyal to the company because they take care of their employees and I had the best colleagues. I was with the company for 11 years and became one of their most senior agents of which I am proud. This is where I grew as a person and spent most of my adult marijoy-rosales-bondinglife. It was this place where I realised that my passion is driven by independence and the need to provide for my family.

Like all stories, the time came for me to move on to the next chapter. My overseas life had its shortfalls and one of which is being away from my family. I had to make a decision to go back home to take care of my mother and son. It took a while to re-adjust to life in the Philippines. After much thought on finding my next career, I have decided that I will take my chances in the online freelance industry. It is the most practical and appropriate option in my current situation. Although I have no experience in this industry, my background will help me through the process. Plus, nothing beats a “single mum / responsible daughter” motivation.

I am excited for a new and fun adventure ahead. I am worth the chance and I hope that my years of experience, loyalty, and reliability are factors that will encourage you to hire me.

For a copy of Marijoy’s resume please click here.