Mavelle Cudiamat – Bookkeeper

mavelle-cudiamat-profileI used to hate numbers. I never imagined myself working in the corporate world because I’m into health and biology. But as fate would have it, I ended up taking Accountancy in college and fell in love with it. I was able to graduate with flying colours.

My previous boss from the bank where I used to intern offered me a job because they were happy with my performance but I refused. I decided to go to Manila because I believe that I would have better opportunities in the metro. That was the start of my career.

Throughout my 11+ years of working as an Accountant, I have experienced working in various positions including Office Manager, Customer Service, Sales, Procurement and Inventory. I have demonstrated proficiency in all core elements of Customer Handling, Customer Escalation, communicating with the overseas suppliers, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledgers, Auditing, Inventory, Sales, Customer Service, Accounts Receivables, Virtual Assistance and financials.

I also have experienced working as a Virtual Assistant in three Real Estate companies in the US for about 2 years. In short, I can manage the office without supervision, juggle multiple tasks effectively, and maintain confidentiality with highly sensitive materials and matters.

During my spare time, I pursue further studies. Although, I had years of experience in this field, I still want to pursue an Accountancy degree and be a CPA in future.

mavelle-cudiamat-on-vacationThe most challenging job I’ve ever experienced was working for an Accounting firm that caters for US and Australian clients. It is very critical to get their financials on time given that I am handling 10 different clients. Each client has their own requirements and policies.

The most enjoyable position was when I became an Office Manager because I was able to enhance my communication skills and ability to handle people.

In addition, I have experience in supervising staff and working with high net worth clients, both of which require extra attention to the “people management” side of the business. Through successfully managing both internal and external relationships, I have accelerated the achievement of goals and positioned myself as a valuable resource in a variety of situations.

I strive to be successful in my field because of my family. I would like to give them the education that I never had when I was younger.

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