Meriam Tobalado – Customer Service Representative

Virtual Assistant Meriam TobaldoHello, I hope you all doing fine!

My name is Meriam Tobalado. I’m a 25 year old a resident in Biñan Laguna – an aspiring freelancer who is looking forward to finding a promising job working from home. Let me begin my story…

In my 25 years of living in this world, I must say I’ve experienced many things in that have made me who I am today: an independent and goal driven woman.

When I was a child I thought life would always be happy and simple. I remember my childhood as perfect – we are a family of 8 – my mum, dad and my 5 siblings. I was the favourite child as I was the youngest up until I was 8 years old. Things changed though when my mum gave birth to our youngest sister the following year. She became the centre of attention in the family and I felt like I was ignored all the time. Naturally being young, I resented my younger sister until I turned 11 when I slowly began to understand the situation. My little sister needed to have more attention than me as she was still a little baby. My mum and dad always told me that I needed to love my sister as we are siblings.

To cut the story short, I was able to accept the fact that I wasn’t the favorite anymore and I needed to grow up and love my sister, which I did.

When I was 9 my dad was diagnosed with a heart illness and was given a timeline of only 6 months. At my young age I didn’t know what that meant… and I still gave him a headache! Luckily my dad stayed with us longer than what his doctor predicted. He was diagnosed in 2012 and he passed away December 24,2014! Yes, it was Christmas eve and that was the saddest Christmas our family ever had – and every Christmas we still remember the day when my dad left us. When he died I regretted so much and even blamed God for what happened. I questioned Him: Why? Why did it have to be my dad? We still had many things to do together – and I wanted him here to see when I’m successful someday. I still long for my dad even though it’s now a decade since he left us. The emptiness inside my heart won’t be filled, but I am still thankful we still managed to get to this point in our lives. I want my dad to be proud of me even if he’s not with us anymore. I want to tell him someday if we cross paths again that I am super proud that he’s my dad, and even if I was reincarnated I’d still choose him as my dad.

My mum became the sole provider of our family – she was our Mum and Dad at the same time. I know how hard it was for my mum as she needed to provide for all 6 of us and also send us to school. At that young age, I promised myself that I would work hard to repay all the hard work and sacrifices she had made just to make sure we could have a bright future.

When I was studying at high school I worked hard to get a scholarship to help lessen the financial burden on my mum. The hard work paid off as I was accepted into a scholarship program because of my grades. I graduated high school with flying colours, and while I was not Valedictorian or Salutatorian, my grades were good enough to get an additional scholarship into College. I was in my second year in college when I decided to pause and look for a job to help my mum with the expenses.

I got my first job as a Customer Service Representative handling US clients as a retention specialist. My second job was as a CSR for a Telco company in Australia with a prepaid service. My duty was to trouble shoot over the phone and assist all inquiries that customers had about the products and services. I also worked for a home-based client in the US handling Real Estate. I performed Craigslist listings, followed up on inbound and outbound calls, managed the social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook. The latest job I had was with a Telco company in Australia handling customer care, billing and sales support. I became very experienced with after-sales tracking deliveries, making changes in description, changes in address, and updating customer’s info in the system. I am also an expert in handling billing inquiries, including disputes and missing payment.

In my 4 years of experience in the field of Customer Care I can confidently tell you that I can deliver the best customer service that you’re looking for. I want to pursue my home based career because it saves me approx. 2 hours each day in travel due to traffic. That’s 2 extra hours I can allocate to other more important pursuits. If you will give me a chance to prove my worth you’ll find that I am a reliable, trustworthy Virtual Assistant who can be a valuable long term addition to your team.

For a copy of Meriam’s resume please click here.