Raquel Llamas – ESL Teacher, CSR and Marketing Associate

raquel-llamas-virtual-assistantHello 🙂 I’m Raquel.

I grew up just like any other kid who lived during the 90’s. My childhood years were mostly spent in school in the mornings, streets in the afternoon playing old school street games, and at night fighting with my sisters on what TV shows we should watch. Despite living modestly, it was a part of my life I often wish I could go back to those ‘good old days’.

Losing my father at when I was 11 was a devastating blow to my family. Raising a young family of five children was a struggle for my Mum. But even with the lack of finances, she still somehow managed to send us to private and exclusive schools; because my parents believed that is how we could have better future lives.

And we did have better lives! But not because we studied so hard, it was because while other people our age were coveting competitive salary packages and positions, we chose to continue living modest lives. My parents didn’t realise that the life they lived was the most important legacy they have imparted to us. Being contented with what we have, working not for money alone – but also by giving back as much as we can.

Today, I live for coffee, fresh air, being by the beach (or up the mountains) with a book. I am always up for adventure on any given day. Travelling around the world livens up my mood and gives me inspiration to achieve my goals in life.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant allowed me to learn a lot about the position and the different opportunities it can create for me. It taught me patience, effective communication, independence, building relationships – on a whole different level from what I had already experienced as an office-based employee. If you choose me to join your team I will learn your industry and processes, and match them with the skills I already have to help free you up so you can focus on issues that are more important for you.

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