Mikki Pomoy Ando – TSR/CSR

mikki-ando-profileI am Mikki Ando and I am a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management undergraduate. My work experiences are far beyond my course but what I like the most is that they both have something to do with communication. I like talking to people, helping them out, and finding resolutions to their problems. I have rewards as well from the previous companies that I work with.

During my first 5 months as a newbie at a mortgage company, I gained respect from my superiors because I gained the numbers and made it to the top. I am so proud of that achievement because I have been dreaming to be a top agent and be noticed for the work that I do.

I have one kid; she is turning 7 years old. She is currently living with my mother. I currently live an hour away my our home. I have 3 siblings – a brother and twin sisters. I decided to stay away from them while looking for a job to concentrate and to focus on my duties.

During my free time, other than visiting my kid, I love to sing and play online games. But most of the time, I still work during my mikki-ando-tourfree days. Money is really important to me because through money I can feed my family and send my kid to school. I am the breadwinner of our family.

I dream of sending my kid to college and let her pursue her dream course and graduate, because that is something I wasn’t able to do. In the future, if given an opportunity, I am planning to finish my studies.

I am also fond of baking cakes, pastries, and other desserts. The best dessert that I can make is Leche Flan. It is sweet, creamy and every kid loves it. I sell them on a made to order basis. The best thing about making Leche Flan is that, its ingredients are not hard to find. You only need eggs, Evaporated Milk and Condensed Milk. I normally make them for my siblings and partly do it for a living.

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