Pearl Josceluisa P. Pajar – Appointment Setting, Social Media Manager & Data Entry

pearl-josceluisa-pajar-portraitI’m Pearl Josceluisa P. Pajar, a BA Communication Arts Graduate from Sea and Sky Colleges – La Union. I am a mum of a 3-year-old girl and a breadwinner. From office-based work, I decided to switch to a home-based job to spend more time with my daughter while still being able to work and provide for her needs.

I was a customer service representative for 2 years at one of the top BPO Companies here in the Philippines. I worked in Sitel Baguio Philippines as a Customer Service Representative for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, which are known to be the biggest and top-grossing malls in the United States. When needed, most especially during the Black Friday Sale or Christmas, I always work during the holiday and took orders from the clients over the phone, and resolved other order-related concerns. I also became one of the account’s top agents a couple of times. My second account was Frontier Airlines, one of the most popular domestic airlines in the US. I used to work as a Reservation Supervisor. I handled escalated calls, provided vouchers, and handled financial concerns of its customers by assisting them with their billing concerns (eg. missing charges, disputes, payment processing and other billing-related concerns).

pearl-josceluisa-pajar-bondingI worked with Arbor Media, Inc based in Chicago, IL as a Virtual Assistant for 3 years. I assisted the company’s Executive Director by setting-up appointments with clients, updating files and data, answering clients’ issues via email, training our newly hired virtual assistants and tutors via Skype and/or Ring Central and computing their paychecks which included checking for discrepancies and the like.

I believe that I am suited for this kind of job because I have the experience working in the outsourcing industry and I was able to contribute to my previous companies’ success by being the best employee I can be. I value integrity, best performance, quality, trust and good relationship when working at a company and I always make sure that I exceed expectations. I love working with people and I am really fun, friendly and easy to get along with. I am versatile when it comes to work and I am always glad and eager to know more things along the way, whether it is about work or just about any random thing in life that I may add to my knowledge. Aside from helping the company with its advancement, the new skills that you will be teaching me will also be a big help to improve myself as a person as I will be acquiring more skills to carry on in the future. I am interested in learning more business-related communication skills, management skills and/or any skill that may help me contribute more to the success of your business. I can also confidently say that my existing skills will help your company.

Generosity is one of the many traits my parents taught me. Since I was a kid, I have been accompanying my parents in giving help to those people in need.

My co-workers from my previous jobs describe me as a fun, friendly, approachable, and a positive go-getter who brings light to everyone. I love it when there’s happiness within the workplace and at home. Also, my previous managers/supervisors saw me as a part of the company who delivers great results while still adhering to the company’s policies and procedures. I believe my friends would see me the same way because they have witnessed me improve and strive to be better as each year goes by. This attitude of mine even highlighted when I had my daughter and became a single mother. My outlook in life and motivation has become better since then. Everyone who knows me knows that no matter how difficult it is, I’ll see the positive side of things and still aim for my goals.

I am hoping that you’ll consider me as a part of your successful company and rest-assured, I will deliver the best result that I can provide.

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