Ratna Tatiana Dewi – Business Administration and Marketing

ratna-tatiana-profileMy name is Ratna. I am a mother of two, and I have work experiences in managing website, social media and Google/Facebook Ads.

I now live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to that, I used to live in Brisbane, Australia, for more than 2 years. At that time, I was studying my Master’s degree in Business, at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

I loved the city very much. Brisbane is a big city, but not so metropolitan that the atmosphere is still very friendly and laid back. I used to live in the Toowong suburb area, and went to the Uni by train every afternoon.

After class, I usually spent my time relaxing in Queen Street Mall. During weekends, I used to go to Southbank with my friends. What an enjoyable student life! 🙂

When my two daughters were still very young, I went back and visited Brisbane. With my daughters and husband, we spent several weeks there for a holiday. They also loved the city. And that was not so surprising. We spent so much time on the Gold Coast with its amazing Surfer’s Paradise Beach and the many themed parks.

A few years back, my friend asked me to join her small cake shop business. She handled all things in the production area while I managed marketing and finance.

I managed all business administration and marketing, both offline and online. I worked with her for 7 years.

ratna-tatiana-vaMost of the time, I managed the website, email, and social media. Some of the social media profiles we had included Facebook Fanpage, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and Line. I also managed the promotions with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and I also took care of administrative works.

Now, I have lots of spare time and energy to do more challenging and satisfying tasks, like being a Virtual Assistant.

I can help you with the above tasks, especially the online tasks. You can leave the tiring and repetitive sides of the business to me. And you can focus your time and energy on the more productive and profitable sides of the business.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Ratna’s resume please click here.