Richard Medina – Graphic Design

richard-medina-vaHi! I’m Richard Medina, a graphic designer and also a graduate of Civil Engineering.

I’m 23 years old, born on August 22, 1998, have 2 siblings, a partner, and a daughter, and live with them in our parent’s house.

I always love to see drawings and designs. That’s what took my interest in graphic design. I always learn new stuff when I see it and try to figure out how to come up with an output like that. I was in high school when I started using photoshop and up until now, I use it most of the time. I earned a little that time and I was happy that I was able to help my parents while enjoying things and learning at the same time.

Fast forward, I took a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering because my mother won’t accept my opinion to take media arts or other related courses. At first, it was very hard. Yes, I was learning engineering at that time but still, I cannot stop doing things that I love and I can’t help myself turn on my cousin’s computer because I don’t have one at that time. I grab every sideline work that I can to support my studies with the help of my digital skills.

When I graduated from college, I tried to find a job related to my field. It was very hard because I was not a licensed engineer and because until now the board exam was postponed. That’s why I tried to apply as a graphic designer and luckily found a job. I was so happy to have found a job because I can finally help my family and put food on our table.

richard-medina-vaI was with a company with a very nice CEO, I do creatives for them, specifically in cosmetic products. I create banners, posters, 3d mockups, photo manipulations, and enhancement, etc. I arranged our files on dropbox and we are using Trello to track our outputs. While being a graphic designer, I and my college friends built a page named Axisquare builders and design. We still have no actual experience but we can do plans, interior, and exterior design. I also have my own page as a graphic designer named Pixense. I do logo making, label design, product design, and many more.

My passion for design comes within my heart and I am committed to striving more for excellence because of my dream and my family. Hopefully having this job with the Virtual Assistant Team can make my dream come true.

I would love to work with you guys and would be glad to share my skills with you. I’m willing to learn more and build a good relationship with my team in the future.

For a copy of Richard’s resume please click here.