Rochelle Sanchez – CSR and Administrative Assistant

rochelle sanchez casualHello 🙂

I was 17 years old when I started my first job – I was a “Brand Ambassador” responsible for up-selling a product to different customers. It was a challenging job because it was my first job and I had to stand in the mall for 8 hours. I can proudly say though, I was the most outstanding brand ambassador in the company. I made more sales than the quota that the company required. I worked with them for 1 year selling different products until I reached the age of 18. It was then I decided to try my luck in the BPO industry as a Customer Service Representative.

As some unexpected events came along, I decided not to pursue the BPO training, but I never stop believing that this would be ideal work for where I could help customers and give satisfaction of service for them.

At a later date I re-applied and secured work as a Customer Service Representative… and I love it! I love working in this particular BPO environment because of my colleague. We helped each other and I stayed with the company for a long time. When I fell pregnant I made decision to leave. There were concerns that I may miscarriage if I didn’t get enough rest – and my boss supported my decision.

At the moment I’m a full-time single mum, and I am seeking home-based employment so I can work while being near my daughter. I do believe that my skills are a perfect match for this position. I can take good care of customers through email, phone and chat support. Even though I haven’t secured a VA position as yet, I’m never one for sitting around and doing nothing. I also host as a makeup artist and sell pre-loved clothes.

My daughter is now 1 year and 6 months. She’s a very happy and smart kid. Looking at her makes me think that I can do better for her future. I want to give everything that I missed out on when I was her age. She’s a blessing indeed! And while she may have come early in my life, that’s fine as she brings joy to everyone in our family. Right now, we three live with our “Big Boss” – my mother! 🙂 She’s a single parent who didn’t end up with my irresponsible father. I’m very glad of that because I couldn’t imagine how my life would be otherwise. I am very contented with my life and I always pray to God to help me with my motherhood.

Well, I guess that’s about it now… I can tell you more when we have a bit of time to talk personally. Hope to see you around! Goodbye!

For a copy of Rochelle’s resume please click here.