Rose Cathreen De La Cruz – Executive Assistant

Rose Cathleen de la Cruz VAHi there – everyone calls me RC.

I am from a small city in the Philippines where you can find The Majestic Mayon Volcano, the perfectly cone shaped volcano. It has been my home since I was born.

I have two older sisters, 5 years and 4 years older. I was always left out as they were closer – maybe because of the age difference. Did I mention that my parents were separated? So we grew up with my grandparents. My sisters saw my parents together when they were younger but not me – I missed out on that chance.

I barely remember who my mum was, or rather I barely know her since she left for the states when I was in 1st grade and never came back. Nevertheless, she frequently calls us every week. We didn’t have the internet back then and you could only communicate over the phone (the one with wires! LOL).

My life during grade school and high school was a little tough. My grandparents (I love them, bless them) just don’t get me. I think what I am is never enough for them, even if I receive honours in school – even when I got 95 in algebra and even when I was included in a national varsity group for volleyball. And talking of Volleyball… it kept me alive and sane. It gave me the skills that I needed growing up as you need to be strong and a team player. I think that built my strength to stand up on my own. And I use that strength now with my work.

College days…

I took Computer Engineering at a reputable school in our area. I am an undergraduate and wishing to finish school… yeah, good luck to that!. I won’t go into details with this, and you might judge me as being rebellious. 😉 Seriously, College was the time that I lost everything. I was young and stupid. I trusted friends that I shouldn’t have. I wasted my time on things that didn’t matter until I reached the age that I understood why things happen. I learned my lessons the hard way.

I needed to get a job even though I didn’t have the experience and I was at a disadvantage of being an undergraduate. But I still pushed through with my application and after around 5 interviews, I was hired! It was a seasonal account and a customer service role. There was almost a thousand of us on the account and they had to pick at least 20 to stay for that account. I was among the lucky few, can you believe it? 🙂

I totally adored the job. It was so easy that I was the top seller on my team and was then promoted to Team Lead. The director came up to me and said that I was one of their favorites. So that was what it felt like to be someone’s favorite for the first time. I never would have left as I was a candidate for a promotion of being the Trainer for the whole company – but was I able to mention that after college I met the husband that I shouldn’t have?

To cut the story short, I was on my way of to promotion when I left the company because I was abused physically, mentally, and socially. Imagine it… I was at the side of the road, barefoot, carrying a 2-year-old, trying to escape the devil that I married. No job, no money – nothing.

I swallowed my pride and asked for help from my grandparents. They have this ancient laptop. 1GB RAM. I didn’t have the money to buy a new one or better one. Thinking back on this makes me smile. I used that laptop to apply for an online job – even though I had no idea if it was legit or if the client would pay me – but I took the gamble. I had nothing to lose, right? And I was hired. It was outbound calling and appointment setting with a little bit of admin tasks thrown in. My first VA job! Finally, I could start my life again and get a laptop of my own.

I realised then that it was my passion to communicate over the phone with strangers. Funny as it may sound; I think having to spend my life with my mum over the phone might have contributed to it. I have the passion to serve and be of importance, or have someone need my help. I think you might have an idea as to why.

I didn’t have the perfect life like others. I was abused, I lost a child, delivered a baby in an apartment, almost lost my life because of that, and everything in between. I admit, when I was younger, I hated my life. But now, all I think about is, how the hell did I survive all that? Just like in the art of forging, the hotter the metal the easier it is to shape into what you want it to be. And the more you hammer it the harder and stronger it becomes. I was shaped by life itself to be strong, willing, determined, reliable, and be greater than life itself. All those contributed to what I am now as a professional.

I make sure that I love what I do – that it’s not just a job – you got to make it personal. In that way, you will have a result or an outcome beyond your expectations. I feel so attached to my work that when my 1st VA job ended I cried my heart out. But I knew that I would find another job or another opportunity that perfectly fitted and I would have the same passion for as I did with all the jobs that I took on.

It helped me to appreciate everything that I have and keep the job not only because of the money, but because somebody can rely on me and trust me to do the job right.

Finally, my story shows that no matter what tasks or job that you give me, may it be customer service to recruiting to admin tasks, to as simple as data entry, know that I can do them. I’ve been through a lot and I may not be fully qualified but think on this: skills can be learned by anyone, but having the right mind and attitude, that’s hard to find.

So, before I finish this story, let me end it with a saying, “The real opportunity of success lies within the person, not the job.”

Thank you for reading my story. If there would come a chance of us working together, I will do my absolute best to be reliable for the role that you entrusted me to.

For a copy of Rose’s resume please click here.