Russell Salvaleon – Quality Analyst

russell-salvaleon-officeHere’s a small part of my story…

I have 8 years of experience with the BPO industry. I started as a Customer Service Representative supporting consumers and small business. My responsibility was answering their queries through phones, chat and email. I learned about the proper phone etiquette, how to be professional, how to multitask and to be keen to details when documenting their concerns.

Eventually after learning new things in the industry, I decided to switch to the tech side of BPO which was as a Service Desk Representative. In Service desk, I’ve learned to be patient since most of our customers are residentials and have a hard time following procedures. This tested my patience. I learned how to use MS Office and G Suite applications. I learned how to secure customers’emails, set up Google Calendar meetings, and use Skype and Hangouts for communications. I also learned simple web designing, running tests when internet service was not working (checking physical connection and rebooting modems and routers), wireless set up, phone configuration for business security features, and email configurations.

russell-salvaleon-portraitI am reliable and enthusiastic. I possess good English skills both written and verbal. Customer experience is one of my best assets, thanks to my BPO experience where our priority was to provide not just a solution but also a smile to customers and contribute to a good reputation for the business. I am polite, punctual and comfortable making my client’s life easier.

As the years went by, I got promoted to my dream role, a Quality Assurance Representative. My responsibility was to ensure my team member is aligned on the business processes and to ensure we provided an excellent customer experience to our customers. I performed call evaluations and provided feedback through a one-on-one coaching to members. This was to motivate them, not to blame. Aside from physical communication with a team member, as a Quality Assurance, I also have great experience doing analysis reporting to our stakeholders.

I am very eager to learn and improve. After I learned about how to deal with team members and stakeholders, I decided to step up to a different role as a Team leader. It has a same responsibility most of the time but the only difference is that, I perform daily team member interaction by motivating and letting them know your goals on how to succeed. As a Team leader, it helped me a lot with people management, time management and patience but at the same time it also brought surprises and happiness for those members you helped to reach their dream jobs.

Hope to hear from you soon.

For a copy of Russell’s resume please click here.