William Luzon – CSR and Sales

william-luzon-profileI never thought I could rock a life working as a Virtual Assistant until I was given the chance.

I started working in the Call Center industry in 2012. From being a Customer Service agent, Sales representative to a Technical Support role. But all of them did not suffice my needs of being very flexible and the chance to explore a wide horizon in one specific job position. But everything changed when I joined an organisation for remote assistants.

In September 2016, I was hired as a Client Services Coordinator for both the Sales Manager and Phlebotomy Manager for a laboratory located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I started barely knowing what I needed to do but just be an aid to both bosses.

My first day was very challenging as I had to learn the VMG’s of the organisation and at the same time catch a vacant time so I can be coached by either one. I could say that went well through the help of instant messaging apps (Hangouts and WhatsApp – which I did not knew existed until that very day) and a guide by a mentor way back.

As I learned the specifics of my job scope, I came to learn that it was the avenue in which I needed to explore different horizons. I learned how to efficiently prospect leads and convert them into possible sales for the Sales Manager to visit on site and explain the company’s deals should they need all their labs sent to a partner laboratory. That was my first chance to play around with WhatsApp’s ability to record audio and play it back for documentation purposes. Whenever either one of them, the Phleb Manager or Sales Manager, goes on site, all their visit notes should be transcribed from their recorded voice messages via the media to a Word document.

After a month of working for them, an internal management movement happened. A new person was promoted to being the Client Services Manager. She was tasked to form a group of agents to work for her and support the laboratory’s incoming phone call inquiries, report labs to Nursing homes and physician offices, and other very important work that could help the organization. I was then picked to train two Filipina new hires, create documents for existing company rules and work with her during the transition.

william-luzon-portraitI was happy that being a very diligent and goal-oriented VA has helped me gain their trust to promote me as the Team Lead for the newly formed Client Services team. I had the chance to not only help the company but help my co-workers (I don’t call them my agents, they are rather my friends, I must say.)

I stayed supervising the team until July 2019, learning some of the good takeaways I observed from the organisation and leading a group of remote support agents. From mentoring and counseling, training, implementation, Sales to performance reviews. It was a great journey that had helped me become the better version of myself. I will always be forever grateful to that organisation for the good values and great lifestyle I have given to my family.

One of the lessons I kept and will always be keeping in me is to “never give up on people”. A manager once told me this. I believe this has helped me survive even with the hardships I experienced from day one until I parted ways with them. And this is the kind of mindset I will not only bear with me in a working environment but in the real world, too.

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