Anelia Sibal – Customer Service Representative

anelia-sibel-profileHello! I’m Anelia.

I grew up in a slum area with my father and three sisters. My mum is working as a domestic helper in KSA. When I was just 8 years old, I used to take out the neighbour’s trash so that in return I would receive some cash. During my fourth year in High School, I worked as a tutor for elementary students in order to help my family.

When I was in college, I worked as a student assistant to support my own needs. I used my salary for my school projects, reports, food, fare and other necessary things. I did clerical works in the accounting department of our University and I spent most of my lunch breaks and spare time at work. I had to save money because my course required a lot of books. With my hard work, I was able to graduate with a Degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics in March 2009.

I had my first job as a substitute High School teacher in June 2009. I sat in for teachers who were on leave or absent. Although my expertise is Mathematics, I had the opportunity to teach English, Biology, Social Studies, and Values Education. It was a very challenging job.

After my first two years of teaching, I entered the BPO industry. I wanted to explore and be exposed to other fields. I failed during my first application, but through willingness and perseverance, I finally got hired at a company that was willing to train and accept me.

I worked as a Customer Service Representative in a Telco account. I was trained to do multitasking – answering calls; be patient and calm with the customer; manage my time resolving the customer’s concerns or issues; activating, reactivating and canceling accounts of customers. I learned a lot not only about the account but also how to handle the customer’s personal concerns.

anelia-sibel-kidIn 2015, I applied as an Administrative Assistant. Most of my works deal with updating data in Google docs or Excel, creating reports, analysing reports and updating it in databases. I also send Push notifications from the client’s own platform. I normally complete my tasks within 3 hours of my 8 hours’ work so I always ask for additional work from our client. Sometimes they give additional tasks, but most of the time they don’t, since all tasks for the day are already complete.

I am happy with my work, but I had to prioritise my kid because he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 6. He needs me and his condition requires more attention and guidance from me.

I spend my time playing and talking to my son. We both love to play online games and watch YouTube videos like Transformers, Lightning McQueen and Do-it-yourself craft videos.

For a copy of Anelia’s resume please click here.