Angelica Sandra Alejandrino – Quality Manager

angelica-sandra-alejandrino-formalMy journey in this lifetime has never been easy. I’ve started doing “sales work” as early as 8 years old. My father had me sell our used clothes, jewelry and shoes around the neighborhood, on foot! At that time, both my parents were jobless for reasons I can’t remember. I don’t know why they didn’t have jobs. Nonetheless, I did what I had to do – sell items so that we could have enough cash to buy the family food for the day and the next and when we no longer had any items to sell, my father then asked me to loan for food. I had to travel on foot 100 miles to get to a store who would be merciful enough to loan us some food – sardines, noodles and some rice.

This experience taught me early on to be independent and to have a strong will to be better than what I was yesterday. It taught me how to work hard and later on how to work smarter…

And so, I started my career as part of a Fast-food crew as early as 16 years old. I’ve been to a number of Fast-food chains before landing a job as a Customer Service Representative. I earned a little bit more and was able provide more for my family.

angelica-sandra-alejandrino-profileLooking back, I realise I’ve always been a provider for my family. It started way back when I was just 8 years old and has never changed since.

It has been a difficult journey for me but all I’ve gone through has exposed me to the reality of life and so far, has been helping me become the better version of myself. I work smart so that my children won’t have to go through what I went through. I’d like to provide them better tools so they would have better opportunities.

I guess my experience in life is what also molded me in the way I work now – I don’t like tasks left hanging – and I don’t like tasks half-heartedly done. My motto has always been, if you got to do it then do it with flair because for me, I may not have diplomas, certificates, plaques, degrees and all but the finished product/outcome of the task I’ve done and the feedback of the people I work with are my proof of successful outcomes. For me the result of my work is my bragging rights in this lifetime thus, it’s very important for me to only produce the highest quality.

If you value quality too, we can be great business partners and create more wonderful contributions to this world.

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