April Rose Balasabas – Communications Trainer

april-rose-balasabas-vaHi. I’m April Balasabas.

I’m the eldest out of 3 siblings. My mum used to be a house wife, but currently she’s working at a local hospital as an administrative assistant. My dad is a sea-farer (though I would like to insist that he retire soon).

My dad wanted me to take a computer related course. He suggested all courses from Information Technology to Computer Science. I may have been interested sticking my face to the computer screen back during the day, but no way would I actually study it. So I enrolled in a course that could possibly give me more choices — Communication Arts (it used to be Mass Communications and I am not really sure why the school changed the terminology).

So I guess that’s really where the Jack-of-All-Trades branding started. I have experience with Research, Events Planning/Production, Videography, Photography, Photoshop and Premiere. I write from time to time as well — mostly fictional stuff but that’s considered as literature, right? Oh well.

If you’re not going to really count the events freelancing stuff I did back then, I guess you can consider CSR as my april-rose-balasabas-beachmain work experience.

I have been with the BPO industry for five years. In those five-some years, it’s with the one company so I guess one can’t really question my loyalty. I’ve encountered mostly US based clients.

I have experienced being an agent, support, and part of Operations as a Communications Coach.

I have experienced most of my admin tasks while being a Communications Coach in a travel account. I have my own share of reports and analysis while in that post. I loved the job, but I was starting to feel that it was time for something different.

I had heard of the Virtual Assistant industry from other colleagues who quit the BPO life. And I’m going to be honest, it was something that I would never have considered for myself. I’m an extrovert, so I didn’t understand the whole scenario — being stuck in front of the computer at home and reporting to clients. Why do that at home when you can also enjoy your peers by working together instead of solo in your own home?

That was two years ago.

Now, I’m older and needing more space to grow. I’m all for the comfort of my home and working in peace.

I believe this is the next step for me. I believe I have the skills from all the Operation tasks I have done back in the BPO industry, and I still have the creativeness of an artist. I know I can be a Virtual Assistant.

For a copy of April’s resume please click here.