Aubryan Galang – IT Helpdesk Support

aubryan-galang-profileHello, everyone! My name is Aubryan Galang but friends and colleagues call me “Bryan” or “Brai”.

I am a father of three and happily married. I can work in the office but I prefer working at home so I can monitor my children. I believe that we as parents have this responsibility to make sure that they grow up the correct way with our guidance.

I finished 2 years in college and put my studies on hold because unfortunately, my parents could not afford to send me to school anymore. I started working at the age of 18 just to get through. I was able to continue studying since I was able to finance my studies.

I worked in various industries as a warehouse custodian in a medicine or drug store in a local company. I had knowledge in logistics during the span of my stay in the company.

In October 2007, I started working in the BPO industry as a Technical Support Representative in companies like Stream Global (formerly Etelecare) and [24]7 Customer Philippines Inc. My main tasks included providing call support for issues that the end user was experiencing. I have handled 3 accounts in a span of 5 years which includes an internet service provider (Time Warner Cable), an internet telephone company (Vonage) and an accounting software (QuickBooks). I have learned a lot during those times like home and office networking, VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) setup, internet and computer troubleshooting and general accounting.

In January 2013, I started working as a SAP PtD Data Analyst (EMEA [Europe, Middle East and America] and NA [North America] Region), I was also the Shift Team Lead for those regions. I acquired the knowledge of SAP Project Management System which is being accessed through Citrix. I am knowledgeable on navigating the SAP System. One of my tasks as a SAP Data Analyst revolves on financial analysis. I also create SAP projects. I provide first level resolution for the clients. Project testing, SAP Security through ARM. My other tasks as a Team Lead would include scheduling, leave approvals, and monthly meetings being aubryan-galang-playingconducted for updates and management issues cascaded to the team.

Then, in July 2016, I started working as an IT Helpdesk Support for a veterinary practice software, Customer Logic Vet in Australia. I managed tickets through a ticketing system through Freshdesk and also provided support through email, chat and phone calls. I did tasks of database support and I maintained the database by checking errors and creating queries through SQL.

I wanted to be the best, I strive to always produce an excellent result at all things. One characteristic that I can be proud of is being punctual. I am never late. I am already settled down, married with 3 kids, which is my inspiration to provide for my family. My fascination for exploring new things never stops. My thirst for always being the best at what I do is always there.

For a copy of Aubryan’s resume please click here.