Diane Beatrix Acebuche Nadal – Online Teacher

diane-beatrix-nadal-portraitWelcome to my profile! I am Diane Beatrix A. Nadal, married with 2 kids, and this is my story.

I spent most of my elementary to high school attending a public school. This is where I honed my social skills and prepared for what lies ahead of me.

I graduated from the University of Nueva Caceres, a university in Naga City, with a degree in Bachelor Arts in Political Science. I completed my methods of teaching at Ateneo de Naga University as a STEP-UP Scholar, the scholarship was funded by the Australian Government. I have also completed my specialised training in Events and Management Servicing NC III at Universidad de Santa Isabel.

I took the Civil Service Exam in 2017 and I thank God I passed it. I also passed the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers in 2018.

I have 2-year teaching experience in a Christian School as a Grade 2 and Kinder adviser and handled Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies), Mother Tongue Based- Multilingual Education, Filipino and Christian Values Education subjects. Being a teacher is not only about being in front of the students but also doing paperwork, such as weekly lesson plans, preparing instructional materials, researching for innovative ideas, computing and encoding grades in Excel, and lastly, making a progress report per student which highlights not only the student’s academic performance but also behavioural characteristics. That school also trained us to do all the best that we can do for the glory of God.

I am the eldest among five siblings. My mother is a public-school teacher. To tell you the truth, I did not want to become like her because I have first-hand experience of how to be a child of a public-school teacher. She is not always with us – but instead, she is at school or in training and seminars. So, I think that diane-beatrix-nadal-teachingbeing an online teacher is the best choice.

I married my college teammate in chess competitions during Intramurals. He is now preparing for his exam to be a licensed doctor. He has taught me a lot of medical things and about our health. We also have a son and a daughter.

I always believe that a good attitude is always better than having skills. Because skills are attainable, but attitude is innate. I hope my story inspires you.

I look forward to the opportunity of discussing how I can contribute to your learning development.

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