Elizabeth O. Aguilus – Auditor

elizabeth-aguilus-workI am a seasoned Quality Assurance officer. I have also worked for a bank as a collections agent. I’m well versed in customer service whether it’s for voice, chat or email accounts.

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant who’s highly trainable, a multi-tasker, can work with minimal supervision and with common sense, them I’m the one you need.

I’m Elizabeth. A hardworking mum of two beautiful girls and a wife to an equally hardworking and loving Team Leader in one of the well-known BPO’s here in the Philippines.

Aside from taking care of my family, I also love sports, particularly badminton. I do marathons, paddling, mountaineering, a bit of dancing, and singing. I love doing these things as they bring out my positivity and they energise me.

I took up Political Science and graduated in 2004. Right after graduation, I was hired as a customer service representative. While working, I pursued my Masters in Public Administration. However, due to financial elizabeth-aguilus-outdoorsconstraints, I was not able to do my thesis. I set it aside for the meantime. Later on, I became a Quality Assurance Officer in the same company I’m working with. I stayed there until it closed in 2011.

Moving on with life, I was hired as a chat representative for a telecommunications group and became a Quality / Sales Auditor after nine months. That was my bread and butter for almost four years. As they say, the life of a woman would be turned upside down once she becomes a mother. So, I resigned to take care of my child. After a year and a half, I felt that I wanted my career back. I worked as a collections officer for a time, however, the calling of being a hands-on mum is stronger.

Luckily, my former boss (from the company that closed in 2011) sent me a message asking me if I’m willing to work for them as Quality Auditor. Their BPO is based in Tennessee but I’ll be working for them virtually. I must have done something good for them to find me and ask for my services again. And who am I to turn down a blessing knocking at my door? So I immediately said yes. From there, my work from home journey began. 🙂

Right now, I’m still one of their Quality Assurance Officers and have been for about two and a half years. Occasionally, I post real estate advertisements for a client.

I really value my job and the company I work for. I treat it as if I own the business and I provide a high quality of work. I know I still have lots to learn but I’m very willing to undergo training given the chance to be trained and work with your business.

For a copy of Elizabeth’s resume please click here.