Ervie Mae Vizcarra – CSR and Administration

ervie-mae-vizcarra-outingI’m Ervie Mae Q. Vizcarra, and everyone calls me ERV.

I am a College Undergraduate, who took up Bachelor of Computer Technology wherein I was able to study back then at first because of a scholarship. However, political upheavals took place and unfortunately my scholarship ceased. So technically speaking, I am a High School graduate.

I decided to start working right away and secured a job as service crew in several restaurants. Since I was living on my own back then and was single, I had time for relationships. Two months after turning 18, I gave birth to my first born. As my partner wasn’t interested in working at that time, I decided to step-up and look for a job that would support our daily needs. My goal was to be hired as a Call Center Agent as during that time for non-graduating college applicants, it was hard to look for a decent and good paying job. I tried so many companies and was rejected a lot of times due to my educational background.

Luckily, due to my experiences applying through several BPO companies and learning the application process, I got hired in VXI for a customer / technical support representative for AT&T. My role was to receive inbound calls and assist customers who were seeking assistance with their service issues. We were also obliged to help them out with basic billing queries. Unfortunately, the account was dissolved after my 4 months of stay there due to a survey manipulation issue. A few of us were saved and were offered relocation instead, as we were proven clean with the said issue. I accepted the relocation offer in Munoz, Quezon City, Manila VXI branch for Comcast Account as a Technical Support Representative. My role there was similar to my previous job back then with AT&T since they’re just in the same field but a rival company. The difference is that, we did have a quota to hit every month and fortunately I was able to hit it every time and received incentives for my hard work.

Since my relationship with my first partner didn’t work out due to him being irresponsible, I decided to break up with him but I continued supporting my first-born child. I met my second partner and conceived my second-born child a year after my stay ay VXI Munoz. Due to location issues, I decided to leave VXI for good and look for a different BPO company near my mother-in-law’s location which was then Convergys Clark in Pampanga. I was hired for a Technical Support Representative role for Dell Computers. That’s where I experienced a lot of changes and extreme hardships in my life.

Since the location from the office and our home was 2-3 hours away, I needed to ride a bus and a jeepney each way and it was literally exhausting for me mentally and physically. Since I didn’t have to breastfeed, I decided to stay at the office during work days and go home during day-offs. I couldn’t afford to rent a place near the office since I am really keen in saving money so I decided to use all the free perks of Convergys.

I remember befriending all the security guards just to have them let me stay for an extra hour in the sleeping quarters so that I can at least get 5 hours of sleep a day, sometimes they let me off the hook when they saw me too exhausted and obviously not having enough sleep and let me stay for 8 hours max. My co-workers also gave me food when they had extra or left their untouched lunch box so it wouldn’t go to waste and I just had to return the empty containers the following day.

Yes, I was ashamed but I accepted all the hurtful comments just so I could save money since I already had 3 kids in total by that time and my 2nd partner didn’t have enough take-home pay. I was already planning for their future and since I couldn’t think of how we were going to give our kids a good life, I didn’t have a choice but to save as much as possible.

After working with Convergys for about 2 years and 5 months, my current partner luckily got hired in a factory company in Taiwan. I decided to return home to Davao with my kids so that I could reunite with my first-born child.

Even though my partner’s salary was enough to provide for our daily needs, I still couldn’t just sit back and wait for the money. That’s when I decided to buy a desktop and purchased an Internet connection at home. I started looking for a homebased job in July of 2019, I got scouted by a VA recruitment agency, was trained by them for a week and was hired by a startup online advertising company. That’s where I met my first VA boss and I was his first VA as well.

I asked him why would he want to hire me knowing that I’m a newbie in this field. He then answered that he doesn’t care about the experience or background thing, he just wants to have a clean slate and build a process with someone whom he can trust knowing that he wouldn’t be wronged in any way possible.

ervie-mae-vizcarra-casualWe then started brainstorming for ideas on how to get more leads since his company is related to Online Advertising. We somehow came up with email campaign where I would send emails to leads in a specific target market. We studied for a month or two as he wanted to focus on and master the process. Then one day, due to overwhelming tasks he told me to hire and train additional VA’s. That continued until we were seven in the company. He also asked me to hire VAs for some of his colleagues, relatives and close business partners.

The reason I left was between my employer and I. It had more to do with the rate vs. the tasks he was giving me. We parted ways with no hard feelings though. We’re all good and are still friends to this day.

There you have it, thank you so much for taking the time to read the “half of my life” story. It’s just that, the situation I’m in right now suits the job I prefer to have. Being a Virtual Assistant is like passing an exam without having to exert too much effort in studying. I mean, I won’t have to go through such extreme hardships that I experienced when I was still working office-based. I can stay at home with my kids, I can work without sacrificing them not having either of us parents. I can also save a lot for their future.

I am confident that I am a fast learner and a detail-oriented person. I was trained to work like that for a very long time. I can even multi-task if I have to. I mean, I may not possess those fancy degrees in College but I assure you that the quality of my work is worth every cent you pay.

Again, thank you so much for reading. I hope to learn new skills and enhance the skills that I already have with you. Have a great day!

For a copy of Ervie’s resume please click here.