Estela Quinones – Administrative Assistant

estela-quinones-profileBeautiful day ahead…

I was named by my beloved parents Estela Quinones. Although it’s a typical old name, it’s actually from my mother’s name Estrella – and that’s why I love my name dearly. Two of my previous teachers – one from college and a teacher from an English lesson in Australia – taught me that my name means “biggest and brightest star”. Not sure with big and bright, but I know I strive to become sunshine to everyone around me and especially to those closest to my heart. I am blessed for having kind and good hearted parents, a supportive and understanding brother, and a loving husband. I have nothing to ask for in terms of family that at times I wonder if all of the wonderful things in my past life helped me to have these beautiful people in my life now… but hey! I don’t believe with reincarnation so I am just thankful for my family.

I am from the Philippines but I consider Australia (QLD) as my second home. I visit the country every now and then to be with my wonderful husband. I am a Registered Nurse by profession, but ever since I graduated from college, I’ve always dreamed of working at home so that I don’t need to hurry up to catch a ride going to work and I can work wherever I am, especially because I travel multiple times in a year.

estela-quinones-vacationMy longest employment was 6 years as a Community Nurse for the Department of Health and honestly, it has limited me from doing the things I love like travelling. Financially, I was very well compensated and being loved by the community that I worked for but in exchange, you need to sacrifice a big part of your personal life. I was only allowed 5 off days in 6 months – ridiculous but true!

I stayed in Australia for nearly one year. As a stay-at-home wife, I realised that I wanted to do something even if I am just at home. During my stay in Australia, I tried to be productive and at least do a little contribution to the community where my husband lives. I volunteered for a few months at the Red Cross blood center and in an Age Care Facility near our house. It was a beautiful and fun experience working with new people and a new environment.

When I got back in the Philippines, I immediately enrolled for an online Virtual Assistant course. While doing my online study, I was also working as a staff Nurse in a primary hospital. After a few weeks of my online study, I tried sending out proposals and luckily I was hired as a Facebook page manager, using CRM for chat and Email support for a leasing business based in Toronto, Canada. On the same platform, I was also doing part time research and travel planning for a family going for a 2020 holiday.

At the moment, I am still continuing my online study. I now have skills in Email Management, Office application (Microsoft office or Google Docs), Schedule Management, Internet Research, WordPress Management, Social Media Management, Data Entry, Canva, and E-commerce.

As a freelancer, I am up for a challenge and always try to do my best to learn and improve my skills and broaden my knowledge. I always aim to upgrade my skills so I can be trusted to produce the best output. I enjoy making other people’s lives easier to the extent of doing or offering possible solutions to their problems. I want more than just a job but also work from home and be with my family… a job that I can cherish and treasure everyday, just like the saying “Home is where your heart is”.

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