Jan Michael Lumasag – CSR and ESL Teacher

jan michael lumasag vaHello! I am Jan Michael Lumasag, currently residing in Davao City, Philippines.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science, Major in Nursing. However, this field has never been my calling. After graduating high school, I didn’t really have a set goal in mind on what I wanted to do in the future. So, I just tagged along with my friends who were going to take up nursing. I never really had any problems with my grades growing up. I wasn’t the smartest in class but I was certainly above average as I never really felt pressure during high school.

Studying in a field that was not really part of my interests was a challenge for me as my grades were barely passing. I remember my mother telling me to shift to a different course, and I told her I would if it looked like I was going to fail.

If there is one thing that drives me, it’s a competition. I tend to compete with others over anything – even with myself. Thus, the competitor in me did not allow me to fail. Shifting to another course was something I did not have in mind. So, I graduated from nursing, but didn’t proceed with that career after. I decided to find my own faith and not just follow the norms.

jan michael vaSix months after graduation, I got my first job. I was a field activity organiser. Our team roamed around the Mindanao Island giving lectures on family planning. I was good at it. It was fun. I met a lot of agents in that field that invited me to move up to being a sales agent for medicine. So, my first year of work was constant travelling all over the place. I was worn out. I decided to look for a job that would not require me to travel that much. That is when I started my BPO career.

My first BPO interview process was difficult, I failed 4 times during the final interview. I finally got lucky during the last interview and made it through. I did really well and proved them that hiring me wasn’t a mistake. I got the 2nd place ranking in performance in my first month, then 1st place the next 2 months. I was promoted to Subject Matter Expert in the 4th month due to my performance. Sadly, my first BPO account closed down after a year thus I needed to transfer. I then found my place in another customer service company where I stayed for 3 years and became a supervisor during my stay. I also had a son during that 3-year period.

I have extensive experience in customer service handling, especially during regular conversations with customers. You can’t always follow the script. I guess I just love talking! Now, we are expecting another baby… a new addition to our family.

I am very determined to work hard and satisfy my clients. The best workers are the people who thinks of others as motivation. My motivation is my family and this will help me through any challenges that might come.

I am very easy to train, to talk to, and to work with. I am a team player and will always adjust to whatever challenges I encounter. If you allow me to work with you, I will surely provide you work that is more than satisfactory.

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