Jefferson Carl Indat – CSR, Radio DJ and News Writer

jeferson-carl-indat-workHi, I am Jeferson Carl Adlaon Indat, 25 years of age. Breadwinner of the family, with 3 siblings.

Being a part of the BPO Industry taught me a lot. I was working as a customer service representative for a travel company for 6 months, taking in calls and assisting customers with regards to their reservations. After 6 months, I got promoted as a Team Lead through an internal hiring. I was given an opportunity to apply for the position since I performed well during my agent period. All is well being a TL. I used to guide my agents with the best that I can in meeting their KPI’s and Metrics that the clients require.

I always felt that my position placed a lot of responsibility not only to my team but also to my family who live in the province. Providing motivation to my team helped us to become the top team for the last 3 quarters. I am very proud that I was able to demonstrate grace under pressure, wherein I see it more as a challenge to improve rather than it being a responsibility. I am so jeferson-carl-indat-by-the-beachhappy that I was able to see my agents grow and come out of their shells to excel.

I recently resigned from my work as a Team Lead to continue my studies and aim for a greener pasture. Now, I am a full time student and working online to be better and to help myself in attaining my goals in life.

For me, I always see life as an opportunity to be better. The purpose why we live is to maximise chances and grab opportunities for us to have a better life with our family. Staying focused and motivated are the key factors to being a successful individual.

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