Johann Rivera Abesamis – Operations Representative

johann-abesamis-formalMy 8 years’ experience in the BPO industry and 2 years working from home has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations with exemplary customer service. I have assisted all types of customers in all types of settings. I have handled inquiries, disputes, refunds, payments, order taking, a little bit of sales and tech support (simple troubleshooting), back office tasks, admin tasks, data entry and shipment tracking.

I have a wide range of work experience because I am always open to new challenges and learning new things. I work with minimal supervision. I am dedicated, focused and passionate in every task assigned to me.

In between, I tried to pursue my dream of starting my own business. Sadly, it didn’t work out despite all the efforts and after applying all johann-abesamis-swimmingthe lessons I’d learned from being a CSR. I guess it’s not enough and I still need to learn and learn. I realised that you have to be a risk taker – not just in setting up a business but also in finding a job that will perfectly suit you and your skills.

I am excited to learn more and demonstrate why I am a great fit. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

For a copy of Johann’s resume please click here.