John Vincent P. Empenida – CSR and eCommerce

john-vincent-empenida-bonding-timeHey, how are you? My name is John Vincent Empenida. You can call me John for short or most of my friends just call me JV. I’m from Cebu City, Philippines. I am 28 years old, married, and already a father of three beautiful God-given children.

I took up a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and graduated in 2013. I am living a simple but happy life with my family and most of my quality time I spend with them. With that, you can consider me a family man because I am really devoted and loving, especially to my family.

My career started 5 years ago when I became a Customer Service Representative in several call centers (BPO) here in the Philippines doing Email support, Chat support and Phone support. I spent almost 2 years working in that field. I learned a lot of skills and knowledge working there. My multitasking skills were developed quickly, and I can now work well even under pressure because the kind of environment we have in the call center though fun, places a lot of pressure, especially when dealing with angry customers. But, with those experiences, I have developed a very good, polite and calm attitude when dealing with irate customers.

Afterward, I decided to apply for a home-based job because it is really becoming a trend here in the Philippines at that time, and I believed that once I landed a job I would be able to work from home and no longer need to travel an hour and a half just to go to work (or 2 hours if there is traffic).

Luckily I was hired and became a Shopify VA – my first job when I started working from home. I developed other skills and knowledge about the platform in a short amount of time. And now I know most of the ins and outs of Shopify starting from creating an account, designing the website, uploading products, creating product descriptions, customer service, processing orders, and any other tasks that are needed to be done in Shopify – even up to handling and running the whole website.

The next job that I got was with an American entrepreneur doing an all-around job for his company, launching some Google Ads through, Propeller Ads and other related platforms. I also performed research about anything that he wanted me to search, and some Admin tasks as well. In short, I was really an all-around VA doing everything he asks of me.

Later on, I was hired for an Amazon Seller Central account and at first my job was to look/search and list profitable products from our supplier’s websites scraping it using Tactical Arbitrage, OAXray. And once we got the products that are ideal for listing we still filtered it by checking it’s ranking details, total sales per month and any other relevant information. Aside from that, I also did some admin tasks like processing orders, handling our product listing sheets, removing items that our supplier didn’t sell anymore, tweaking the prices of the products and any other Admin tasks assigned to me.

Then I got a job for a B2B industry sending cold emails to potential clients, creating Facebook Ads for Lead generation Advertisements, scraping emails of the potentials clients and putting it into our Facebook Ads priority Audience target, adding them into our CRM and any other related Administrative tasks.

In addition to that, I also have basic click funnels knowledge and was able to create a simple funnel, do a bit of photo editing in Photoshop, and the software of apps that I have already used are Slack, Skype, Asana, Trello, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Ring Central (Glip), Dashlane, and other related applications and software.

I worked for all of those clients for three years but of course for different months and timeframes, working for the other clients after ending my contract with my previous one. At the moment I am still very eager to learn more and to know about other jobs, to enhance and my skills and to learn more about different fields. I will not promise you anything that I will not be able to accomplish – but once I agree to it, consider it done! And rest assured that I am humble and pretty much willing to undergo any training that is or will be needed to learn the job you will offer me (but of course, if only I don’t know how to do the job yet) 🙂

So, that’s me! I am now looking forward to working with you and to being an asset to your company! See you on the other side! Voila!

For a copy of John’s resume please click here.