Kathleen Ruiz – CSR and General Virtual Assistant

Kathleen Ruiz VAKathleen Ruiz – CSR, General Virtual Assistant

“Struggle is a nature’s way of strengthening.” – John Locke

Hello my name is Kathleen.

I am from Cavite, Philippines. I am the eldest of two children. My brother and I grew up in a traditional family. My father worked for the Philippine Military and my mother is a house wife who took care of us until we finished our studies – and still takes care of us even now.

I graduated college with a Bachelor in Political Science with specialisation in International Relations. My father wanted me to follow in his footsteps and serve in the military. I wanted to become a lawyer and that’s why I took the course so we could meet halfway. Since my course is a pre-law then I could become a lawyer once I graduate from the military. It was our dream.

kathleen-ruiz-vacationHowever, that dream did not come true. I met a guy in college and got pregnant a year before I graduated. I felt that I needed to have a job so I could stand independently and not be a burden to my parents. I worked for a well known fast food chain here in the Philippines and also worked as a part time tutor. Fortunately, my parents still helped me with my study until I graduated. I was able to graduate in time but thought that I would need a stable job to support my kid. That’s when I gave up on my law career dreams. And so right after I graduated, I applied for a Customer Service Representative role and luckily was accepted. I worked hard to fulfill our needs and at the same time honed my skills in that industry. A year after, I was chosen to mentor the new ones and eventually got promoted as part of the Management or Supervisory team. I stayed in the company for 9 years. It was my second home and the people that I worked with had already become my second family.

But I guess, things really happen for a reason. I fell pregnant and had to quit my job since work load was a bit too much for my situation. But being that person who loves to work and always wants a career to improve and learn new skills, I opened my mind to the world of Freelancing. I read articles, joined groups and channels on social media to learn more about it and that’s when life opened up the opportunity for me to work from home. Seeing my kids everyday and at the same time having a job to help my partner financially and gaining experiences to sharpen my skills and talents.

I have worked for several Real Estate Investors in the US as admin and general virtual assistant for 2 years but real estate has its rises and falls so the job has not been that stable. Now I am looking for a more stable job that will provide not just a job, but a career that will motivate me to do well and my best in everything. I am looking for a career to improve, develop and teach me new skills that I can apply both professionally and personally.

I am looking forward to working with you!

For a copy of Kathleen’s resume please click here.