Kimberly N. Tuazon – CSR, ESL Teacher and eCommerce

kimberly-tuazon-vaHi there – I’m Kimberly Tuazon, but I prefer to be called Kim. I’m 24 years old. I just got married earlier this year and I have 2 beautiful daughters.

I’m the eldest among my 2 siblings. I grew up to be independent, strong and reliable.
I used to love travelling to meet the locals of the place, trying their delicacies and enjoy the wonderful nature. I can’t afford to travel now because of my daughters. 😉 I also love cooking since my family has a catering business. One of my Vegan friends has been encouraging me to make vegan foods, so I try to make some when I have spare time.

In terms of work, I’m a talented Team Manager with proven expertise in rules, regulations and competitive strategies. I’m a focused teammate and professional possessing dedication, drive and sound judgment required for fitting in with a team. My desire is to join a new team committed to developing personal skills and achieving competitive wins. I have demonstrated an ability to complete tasks accurately despite interruptions and competing demands.

kimberly-tuazon-with-husbandI am a results-oriented, strategic sales professional with 1 year and 9 months in the Drop Shipping industry. I am also a personable and dedicated Customer Service Representative with extensive experience in BPO industry. I believe I am a solid team player with an upbeat, positive attitude and proven skills in establishing rapport with clients. I am motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to company success. I specialise in quality, speed and process optimisation.

I am articulate, enthusiastic and have demonstrated a passion for building relationships, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses. I have 3 years of customer-facing experience in fast-paced settings. I am highly adaptable to addressing diverse customer needs. I also have a proven history of building trust with customers to promote satisfaction, resolve concerns and maintain long-term loyalty.

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