Manuel L. Lanuza, Jr. – Real Estate and Technical Support

manuel-lanuza-formalHi! I’m Manuel Lanuza but most people call me Noy.

Life is a journey and on this journey the path is not always smooth as we move forward, we have to make stops and turns to get to where we are headed. Every journey is different but we have to enjoy it and overcome all obstacles ahead. My own journey started when I was born. I have a simple family and a simple life. As a kid, the world is just a big playground for most of us but as time goes by, it will become a battleground where we fight for our own victory.

My battle began when I was in college taking up Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. In my junior year, my father passed away. He was the only one supporting our family. My sister got a job but she wasn’t earning enough to support my studies and our family needs, so I had to work as well while studying.

I started working in the fast food industry for two years and at the age of 21, I was given the opportunity to work abroad. I took the chance thinking I can really help our family and raising my daughter. I worked in Kuwait under the McDonald’s Corporation and spent 6 years far away from my family. I started as a service crew member and eventually hit the supervisory level. Everyday I’m facing customers handling all their concerns, either bad or good, manuel-lanuza-vaand giving my best efforts trying to bring smiles to their faces. It taught me to think outside of the box, moving out of my comfort zone and exceeding their expectations by doing whatever it takes.

After 6 years, I went back to my beloved country and started