Marichu Ocampo – Sales, Marketing and Administration

marichu-ocampo-vaI am a professional Virtual Assistant working as a Graphic / Web Designer and handle two company websites. I have expertise in administrative and managerial skills. I handle several projects as a Data Analyst in one of the known companies worldwide. Prior to these experiences, I worked in United Arab Emirates for 9 years; 3 years as an admin in a construction company and 6 years in a magazine advertising company as Head and Supervisor of Sales Coordinator team.

I am reliable and able to multi-task especially in a virtual environment. I love learning and always feel excited to learn new things. I love connecting with people of different nationalities and I am able to speak to anyone with confidence. I work independently with less supervision and I’m able to finish projects with success.

Outside work, I’m a bookworm. I love reading articles about health and life. I don’t watch TV and rarely watch movies. I don’t like politics, as most news just bring stress to life. I free myself from that negativity.

I’m currently running a few Pages of Facebook and Youtube. I’m into video editing and creating my own content that is about health, beauty, money and finance. I’m just starting and learning more on how to succeed in this area.

I love cooking and I got this skill from my mum. I can do a lot in the kitchen. If I taste a dish, I can easily know what’s in it. I can even copy that taste! Many people are asking for my recipes and there’s one unique recipe that I can’t share with anyone. It’s a secret. Aside from cooking, I also love gardening. I love planting roses, orchids and cactus. I love dogs as well. I have 5 in our backyard.

I have a side income and own a party rental business. This small business was established 4 years ago. I also own a small fashion accessories shop as well.
I’m an independent person and drive my own car. I believe there’s still more in me and would like to discover a lot in life. I’m dreaming of having my own private resort and to own real estate land. 5 years from now, these dreams will become a reality.

I am happily married with my husband and we have our darling daughter. By the way, I consider myself blessed as I still have my mum and dad.

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