Marjorie Macahilas – Digital Marketing

Marj-Mchills-vaHi there! I’m Marj.

Like everyone else, I started my career as a Customer Support when I was 18 years old. I can still recall how innocent I looked back then, being a newbie in the industry and not knowing how exactly I would navigate through it. But that never stopped me from aspiring to become more. Truly, it wasn’t an overnight feat.
As new as it was for me, I could say that I was doing something interesting. From fear, it all turned to excitement. It could be due to the freedom of making a life for myself. Not that it only enhanced my English Communication Skills but more so taught me of handling customer relationships through phone skills, usage of CRM, and other account-related software. My confidence grew even stronger so to speak. However, the time came for me to want and doing something more and something different.

It then led me to a freelance writing job while I was still working in the BPO. Little did I know that it would be something of importance to my next career venture. I went from academic to article writing which enabled me to land a job at a Canadian-based publisher. I became well adept at some writing styles, providing citations, doing research, and proofreading. I guess that my background in writing during grade school and high school has a lot to do with it. I just never thought it would enrich what I already knew, and be of use professionally.

Marj-Mchills-vaI enjoyed the creative process of being a freelance writer. When I got a chance to upscale it through a different field, this time in Digital Marketing, I just seized it and went ahead. Somehow, I realized it was in the unknown that I discovered myself and my other capabilities even more. If it hadn’t been for that leap of faith, I would still be doing something that no longer sparks joy in me.
Consequently, I took a certification course in Digital Marketing which opened doors for me to get a job at It taught me several things about how businesses have dramatically changed in the past years, particularly in marketing. I must say that I have been nothing but more curious and fascinated about it, from different forms of digital marketing, content management, website maintenance to the usage of business-related applications. Learning this has never been more practical and useful today given the immense integration of technology with our day-to-day lives.

Thus, I know that time has prepared me enough to take on new challenges. These same challenges will of course test my limit but later will put forth what I’m truly capable of. My skills in communication specifically in customer support, freelance writing, and digital marketing which covers content management, website development, marketing consultation, and usage of business-related applications are something that I can bring to the table. I see this as a win-win-win opportunity for you, your client, and me.

And so, I look forward to working with you!

For a copy of Marjorie’s resume please click here.